A Typical Saturday at the Big Yellow House


The women of AGD pose for a picture outside their house.

By: Alli Kuska

This past Saturday, November 12, 2011, the ladies of Alpha Gamma Delta all met at the big yellow sorority house in order to celebrate and honor alumnae and their sisters. The house was decorated for the celebration and many desserts were spread across the table in the kitchen along with bottles of apple cider for the wonderful occasion. The ladies were all looking beautiful dressed in cocktail attire and looking their best to see their older sisters that had graduated. It was a great afternoon filled with laughter, cheer, sisterhood, and of course delicious food.

Everyone was talking with one another and embracing the bonds of sisterhood that they all have. It was a wonderful time being surrounded by so many AGDs and sharing the love for our sorority we have worked so hard for and are so proud to be a part of.  It was overall a wonderful time and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

The dessert party took an unexpected but fun turn as we all poured out of the house and onto the porch and began taking pictures after pictures of everyone. Arranging about 100 girls on the steps of the yellow house was a little difficult but we managed. Fun, comical, pledge class, and position photos were taken one after another and the photo shoot became another great way to bond with everyone.

There is honestly nothing like spending a Saturday afternoon being goofy and having fun with all of your sisters. It was overall a heartwarming and fun day and just shows how we all are not just a sorority but one huge family at the Big Yellow House.




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