Feather Falls Sisterhood


By: Alisha Zajac

Alpha Phi’s most recent event was a sisterhood hike. The hike took place at Feather Falls on Friday, November 11th. The Feather Falls hike is located in Oroville, CA, making it about an hour-long drive from Chico. The hike consists of a nine-mile loop at an elevation of 2500 feet. We departed for Feather Falls at noon and returned to Chico around six in the evening. During the hike, we got to see two waterfalls, the first one was halfway up, and the second one was at the summit. When we reached the summit, we took a break to relax and eat sandwiches before venturing back down.

This sisterhood turned out to be a huge success. Over forty girls attended, making for a very fun time!  It was a wonderful bonding experience for all of us. We got to carpool together for an hour drive to our destination and an hour drive back. We also got the experience of hiking to the top of the sixth highest waterfall in the United States together. We were motivating each other to keep going during the hike as it became challenging, which was a definite bonding experience.

Also, getting to sit at the summit of Feather Falls together, while eating our delicious Safeway sandwiches and discussing the hike that we had just accomplished before hiking back was a fulfilling experience for everyone.  Since this was the first time we had this sisterhood, the only thing we might do differently in the future is to start the hike a little bit sooner so that it would be lighter outside towards the end. Ultimately, the Feather Falls hike was so successful and so much fun that we would like to have this sisterhood once a semester.


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